Live to Rescue. Love to Care.

Live to Rescue. Love to Care.

Live to Rescue. Love to Care.Live to Rescue. Love to Care.Live to Rescue. Love to Care.

In the span of ten days and in response to public closures, Live Love Animal Rescue banded the community together to empty the shelter of all its available dogs. 

Prompted by the coronavirus (COVID-19), the all-foster-based Live Love Animal Rescue, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, led the charge to empty Long Beach Animal Care of dogs in order to keep them safe during the current health crisis. In just over a week, dozens of dogs were placed in the safety of loving temporary foster homes by the rescue, which does not have a facility, but relies entirely on foster homes to house rescue dogs.

Coordination for the clear-the-shelter foster program was a massive undertaking, especially in the midst of a pandemic, with many moving parts. The complexity of coordinating supplies, reviewing and approving foster applications, matching dogs to families, and providing fosters with supplies and support, meant the organization had to be creative. As part of this monumental effort, Live Love partnered with community organizations Blockhead Brigade and Pitty Pawfessors for assistance, community outreach, and resources; Friends of Long Beach Animals (FOLBA), which provided a generous $5,000 grant to support the program; Primary Care Animal Hospital for remote support with medical questions; dog trainers, including organizations like K9 Kommittee, Humble K9, Trots Dogs, Underdogs LB, and Balanced Dog CA, for remote, one-on-one guidance and troubleshooting; as well as the community, who quickly answered the call to action with much-needed supplies and hundreds of offers to foster.

Because of how rapidly the situation developed with the pandemic, Live Love had to quickly gather resources, diverting funds from their Foster the 4th intervention and temporary foster program and calling on the community and partners for assistance. Everyone answered the call. When the organization reached out for training support, the training community stepped up to help. When the program ran out of dog crates, a call was put out to the community on social media and people showed up one-by-one to drop them off, fulfilling the need in a matter of hours. The stories of generosity and willingness to help are numerous and heart-warming.

A big thank you to everyone who has volunteered, fostered, adopted, donated, publicized, and shared words of support for this life saving program!

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All events in the near future have been canceled due to COVID-19. 

Please check back later for more updates. Stay Home Stay Safe!

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