Foster the 4th

Celebrate Independence Day by being a hero to a shelter dog in need.

Our impact

How it all Began

Foster the 4th is a program born from a need in our community. With anxiety-inducing fireworks going off all around town, many dogs escape their homes in terror and wind up in the shelter. Due to crowded kennels, this additional surge in numbers displaces existing shelter dogs, especially those who have been there the longest. We knew our city could do better, and that is how Foster the 4th began. Every summer we partner with Long Beach Animal Care Services (LBACS) and the community for this life-saving event during the month of July. This program serves to recruit and organize a large number of short-term (two to four week) fosters so that, together, we may provide a safe-haven to dogs in need.

This program grows every year and unites our community around the core value that no dog should lose their life due to a lack of space at the shelter. 

Measurable Success

In 2019, we saved 82 dogs with the help of hundreds of dedicated volunteers and fosters. The total cost to run the program was $60,000 (at an average of $730 per dog), which we were able to bring in through generous grants and donations. We asked and the community delivered! As a result of the overwhelming support, we were able to ensure that every new addition to the Live Love family would enjoy the comforts of a committed foster or adoptive home, even those previously known as the longest-stay dogs at LBACS.


Fostering saves lives

What We Need

Short- and long-term fosters willing to provide the following:

  • Decompression & Integration into the Home 
  • Crate Training
  • Predictable Routine
  • Basic Training
  • Adoption Profile Notes
  • Quality Photos for Marketing
  • Participation in Virtual Adoption Events & Meet-and-Greets

What We Provide

  • Food
  • Supplies (i.e. collar, leash, crate, bowls, bed, etc.)
  • Medical Treatment
  • Training Support
  • Adoption Marketing

Additional Ways to Contribute to the Program




It takes funds to support our family of dogs. Many need to heal before they are ready for their forever home. Every little bit helps. 




There are many opportunities to support the rescue with your time. Check out how you can give to dogs in need.

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