Families Forever

Saving them all by keeping them home.

Live Love Animal Rescue's mission is to save homeless animals by providing them a lifelong commitment to their well-being. One important mechanism to do this is to prevent homelessness when possible. Our Families Forever program provides free or subsidized medical care for these low income and needy families so they can keep their beloved family pet at home and reduce shelter intake.

Our program has very limited funding as we are a charitable organization and rely 100% on individual donations. Please check the list of available pet owner resources below as a first stop.

Do you want to help?

If keeping pets with their families inspires you, please join us in offering these families a helping hand during moments of need. Your donation will 100% go to helping these families stay forever!

If you have exhausted all other options and think we may be able to help, please fill out an application here and a team member will get back to you in a few days. Please note that at this time we can only help dogs in the Long Beach/Southern California area. 

Please make sure to have all your documents ready- photos, vet medical records, vet treatment estimates, denials from Care Credit and Scratch Pay, proof of income and mortgage and rent statements. This will really help us review and process your application as quickly as possible.