iFoster Long Beach

Be a Foster! Be a hero!

Fostering to save lives in Long Beach, California

iFosterLB is a collaboration led by Live Love Animal Rescue and FAR Side Journey Inc. in partnership with The Little Lion Foundation, the Long Beach Little Paws Project and Long Beach Animal Care Services (LBACS). We are working together to save more local animals by promoting fostering within the Long Beach and Southern California community. 

Everyone knows that fostering a dog or cat is essential to saving their life by getting them out of the shelter and giving them a chance to heal and find their forever family. But are many people don't because they are unsure. Maybe you're one of them. Are you afraid of falling too hard in love with your foster? Are you unsure of what fostering an animal will be like? Do you worry that you and your family won't be able to meet the needs of this new animal, one that probably has a mysterious past? 

For many people, maybe just like you, these questions stop them from stepping up to foster. This means that so many animals could be saved but aren't. In this 5 part video series, meet some foster families that will speak frankly and honestly about their experience. The ups and downs, the joys and sadness and why fostering was worth it to them. They may have the answers to your questions. Their experience may inspire you to take the leap into fostering as well!

You are a rescuer too. Be a foster, be a hero! 

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Part 1: Foster A Shelter Jewel

What if I fall in love with my foster pet? What if the dog or cat has special needs? Can I really foster? 

Meet Greg and Louis and let them tell you a little about their experience and why they treasure these shelter jewels!

Part 2: Create Happy Families

Meet Richard and Luciana who are serial fosters and they'll tell you how hard but how joyful it is to see their foster dogs head out to their forever families.

Part 3: Goodbye is the Goal

Meet Letty, a mom, a business owner, kitten bottle feeder and full-time superhero. She'll tell you about the struggles and joys of fostering bottle kittens, the most vulnerable and at-risk animal population.

Part 4: Giving and Growing

Meet Lauren and let her tell you about the joys of fostering Fergie and Murphy, two dogs each on their own unique rescue journey of compassion, patience, and love. 

Part 5: Be inspired to change the world one animal at a time

Thank you to all our inspiring foster families! You are the everyday heroes saving one cat, one dog, one kitten, and one puppy at the time. Be inspired by their experience and sign up to change the world for a rescue dog or cat of your own! Be a foster! Be a hero!